The Castle

The castle, of medieval structure, is located in Parets del Vallès, in the southwestern part of the Vallès Oriental, 7 km from Granollers and 23 km from Barcelona. It is listed as a historic monument, a Cultural Asset of  National Interest (BCIN) and in 1999 was recognized as one of the best preserved castle in Catalonia.

The fortress, inhabited since Ibero-Roman times, was built on an ancient Roman villa called Villa Abdela, located on the Via Augusta. It was rebuilt in the XIV century and during the War of the Reapers (1640-1652), resisted some attacks. A few years later, the Baron of Rocafort lived there and two centuries later it became a farm.

It is a twelfth century square building, which has two cylindrical towers at each end, crowned with battlements. The towers have round embrasures for guns and a clay oven, which was discovered in the restoration work.  Like castles in Catalonia, it is linked to several legends; magic, fairy tales, ghosts and goblins.

It is accessed across a medieval bridge and has several  fully equipped rooms together with a wooded area, pool and garden.